ecMON – Epygi Cloud Monitoring Service

ecMON (Epygi cloud Monitoring Service) is a cloud-based monitoring service. It is a web-based platform allowing for centralized monitoring of Epygi IP PBX units.

When activated and configured, all active QX IP PBXs will be shown in a centralized directory with key configuration setting and performance parameters. Conveniently accessible via web browser, the ecMON centralized directory will provide real-time event notifications and status updates.

ecMON makes it possible to efficiently monitor all active system events on all QX devices and report to a system administrator. Among the report administrators can view the status of registered phones, SIP trunks, and bad quality calls. These reports can help identify a problem and resolve it.

  • Monitors both cloud and on-premise PBX systems

  • Review all currently active QX’s in a centralized directory

  • Review ID, hostnames, Firmware versions, uptime, number of registered phone, and a variety of other settings

  • Evaluate the CPU utilization and number of simultaneous calls

  • Recieve real time notification settings for system events

  • A great way to keep track of different customers and clients hardware and performance.

  • Review over 70 system events regarding the services running on QXs

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